Annihilator Helicopter

The Annihilator is an LC Patriotism and Immigration Authority Helicopter based on the S-70 Blackhawk [1]. The annihilator is the only armed law enforcement vehicle in GTAIV. It has four miniguns that are difficult to aim (no aiming reticule is provided) and require reloading after prolonged fire, but are hugely devastating to people and vehicles alike. The ammunition is infinite, however. The helicopter moves faster then any other vehicle in GTA IV, but it is more difficult to slow down as a result. This helicopter is available only in GTA IV. An Annihilator can be obtained by sniping the pilot while wanted by the police. Make sure it lands in an open area as to not destroy the helicopter. However, the force with which it impacts will most often destroy the helicopter. Entering inside the Annihilator will cause you to automatically obtain a Rocket Launcher with 8 rounds. Strangely, AI-controlled Annihilators never use their miniguns, instead relying on NOOSE soldiers seated on the sides to fire on the player. The Annihilators in the game patrol the skies above Liberty City, often over the East Borough Bridge and Hickey Bridge. The Annihilator is a popular vehicle in multiplayer games because of its speed, maneuverability and resistance to enemy fire. Also note that as a passenger in an Annihilator (or any other helicopter) one can shoot an assault rife type weapon regardless if they are in the large passenger bay in the center of the chopper or in the copilot's seat.