Ricardo Diaz (Vice City Stories)

Ricardo Diaz (Vice City Stories)

Ricardo Diaz is a powerfull Mob Boss in Vice City. He is the man responsible for the ambush on Tommy Vercetti's drug deal. Diaz later goes and recruits Tommy as a member of his Drugs Trade. Eventually Tommy finds out about Diaz's role and kills him with a little help from Lance Vance. Diaz lives in a mansion on Starfish Island, Vice City. His mansion is heavily guarded by his gang members. After Tommy kills Diaz he takes over his mansion and gang. Ricardo is also known to have a high temper. For example when his VCR was unplugged he shot it because he thought it was broken. Ricardo Diaz get killed by Tommy in 1986. he makes an appearance in Grand theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

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