The Taxi is usually based on the same model as the Police. In GTA III, it resembles a cross between a late model Chevrolet Caprice and Ford Crown Victoria, while in GTA Vice City it is a Ford LTD lookalike. In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories it is similar to a Chevrolet Caprice and has either grey bumper guards, black bumper guards or none. Radio Del Mundo is also playing in the taxis. In GTA San Andreas the Taxi is based on the Premier, which is mid-nineties Chevrolet Caprice. In GTA IV, there are two different taxi sedans, one based on the Merit and the other is built by Vapid and resembles a Ford Crown Victoria. The Vapid taxi doesn't have a civilian version, though that model is also used by the LCPD as a police cruiser. There is also a taxi based on the game's Minivan model, but its official in-game name is "Cabby".

In GTA IV, when the player crashes either of the three taxis, it's "Taxi" sign can fall off or the ad signs seen on some taxis, depending on the force of the impact. Making it fall off can make it look like an unmarked taxi. The Taxi has a V6 under the hood in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. When modified in TransFender, it can be given a spoiler, hydraulics, and many other options that make it look much better.

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